I picked up a copy of “Shadow of the Almighty” from our church library today.  It’s the biography of missionary Jim Elliot, written by his wife, Elizabeth.  I’ve only read to page 14 so far, but already, I have something I want to share.

In the introduction, Elizabeth is reflecting on the idea of heroes.  She recalls being with high school and college students and asking who their heroes were.  The students first had to decide on a definition for hero, and then still struggled to say they whether they had any heroes or people they wanted to be “like”.  She laments this, as compared to her own memories of many childhood heroes.  After listing some of her own (Gideon, David, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, Hans the Hero of Haarlem, Florence Nightingale, and Abraham Lincoln), she then proceeds to reflect on a few who embodied Hebrews 13:7[i].

This one, about her neighbor, really struck me.

My next door neighbor, Ruth Richie, was another [hero]. To a ten-year-old girl, this fifteen-year-old was something of a goddess. She was first of all a ‘grown-up’ to me. She was also pretty, soft-spoken, feminine, and uncommonly kind to the shy and uncertain child next door. She was my heroine. I admired everything about her, wanted to do my hair like hers, and walk like her, talk like her, be like her.

Was this you?  Were you this little girl (or little boy) who was simply fascinated by that older kid?  I certainly remember when the 8th grade students came to our 1st or 2nd grade class to help with a school project.  The girls seemed so grown and confident.  I always looked for them in the hallways after that.  And I remember finding their faces in church for years afterwards.

We can never underestimate the influence we have on the next generation.  Who are you reaching?  Who are you influencing?  If no one intentionally, know that young boys and girls are still looking for examples of how to live and do and be.  They are looking as they try to develop strength and character.

The world has plenty of examples to show them.

What are you modeling to our young people?  Are you a source of what is good and holy and set apart?  Are you encouraging, patient, and ready to offer grace?  Are you willing to spend time with them and simply acknowledge them?

We aren’t perfect examples, by any means, but are we striving towards and fixed upon Jesus?  Can we offer a model of how to follow Jesus as Paul says, “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ.”?[ii]

Let’s talk about heroes.  Ask your kids.  Ask your neighbor’s kids.  Your nieces and nephews and cousins and grand-kids.

Ask yourself.

Who is your hero?



[i] Remember your leaders, those who first spoke God’s message to you; and reflecting upon the outcome of their life and work, follow the example of their faith

[ii] 1 Corinthians 11:1

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Diagnostic Questions: Earthly Treasure or Heavenly Treasure

In our text this past Sunday, Jesus talks about laying up treasures:

Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:19–21

How can you know where your treasure is?

When you go to the doctor for a particular ailment, one of the first things that doctor does is begin to ask you questions. We call these diagnostic questions. Here are some good diagnostic questions to discern if your heart is attached to earthly treasure or heavenly treasure:

A. What are the things that seem to govern your life?
B. What are the things that occupy your thoughts and daydreams?
C. What are the things that tug at your heart, your mind, and your emotions?
D. What are the things you are continually drawn to?
E. What are the things that you worry and fret over the most?
F. What are the things you fear losing the most?
G. What are the things by which you measure yourself and others?
H. What are the things you don’t think you could be happy without?

Listen to the full message or read the whole manuscript at http://capebiblechapel.org/resources

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The Valley of Vision


We wanted to make you aware of a beautiful resource which Banner of Truth has made available free online: The Valley of Vision – A Collection of Puritan Prayers.

It’s not intended to replace your own prayers with God, but rather to inspire and challenge you in the depth and honesty of your time with God.

Rather than try to explain the beauty of this collection, just visit the Banner of Truth website and read for yourself and let these prayers serve as a “cloud of witnesses” to draw you closer to Jesus.

Options to purchase the book (print and digital) are also available through Banner of Truth

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1 sent

By: Jessie Yount


Remember the excitement of finding a penny or a nickel on the ground when you were a child?  It doesn’t bring the same rush of emotion when you’re an adult, does it?  I noticed this recently even with our 12-year old son.  He found a penny on the ground at the park and while he did make a comment about it, there wasn’t any enthusiasm in his voice.

But a couple of friends were there with us.  One asked him, “You know what you’re supposed to do when you find a penny, right?”  My son replied, “Yeah, you pick it up and have good luck.”

But that wasn’t the answer she was looking for.  She said, “Well, a penny is worth one cent; c-e-n-t.  But think of it as one sent; s-e-n-t.  When you find a penny, pick it up and take a moment to pray for a missionary – someone who is “sent” to share the Gospel with others.”

What a great reminder to pray for those laboring for His Kingdom.  And an especially easy way to encourage kids (and ourselves – if we’re being honest) to be more intentional in praying for missions.

Since then, I’ve wondered where this cute saying came from.  So I turned to a reputable source – google – to dig up some history.  And while I didn’t find its source of origin, I did find another brief story from Randy Merrill about “cents” and “sents”.

Years ago a man told me to remember that a penny was one cent. He said “If you ever find a penny, stop, pick it up and pray for one sent by God: a missionary or an evangelist.”

Today I received several very thoughtful gifts. Yet one of the simplest was a little bag of pennies given by two people who said that over the last year when they picked up a stray penny, they put it in a bag and prayed for us.

Could you buy anything as valuable with a small bag of pennies?

Yesterday, The Chapel commissioned three groups of students who will be spending their summer on mission for the Gospel (one team will spend two years abroad).  When you find a penny, pick it up.  And pray for these students and for the seeds of Gospel truth to fall on good soil – that they might bear fruit, fruit that will last. (John 15:16)

4-23 commissioning


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More than Sunday

By: Jessie Yount


I cherish spring time.  There is something so sweet about this time of year – watching the way God has created the earth to replenish itself each year.  Just this morning, my inner voice shouted “Look at all that green!”  The sight of a field filled with new grass; barren trees sporting budding leaves; birds resuming their songs – it’s incredible.  Each year, He is faithful to renew.

Part of the reason spring is so fascinating is because it follows winter – a season of sleep and stillness.  Long months spent in coldness and decaying leaves.  Would spring be as joyful if it followed summer?

So it is with Easter morning.  The significance and celebration on Sunday stem from what Christ has overcome.  The dark prayerful hours spent in Gethsemane, his flogging and mocking.  His crucifixion.  Our Lord was killed so that He could rise as our Savior.  He chose to be separated from God – the penalty for our sin – so that we can be called sons and daughters of God.

Praise God He is no longer on that cross and no longer in the tomb.  “He is not here; He has Risen!”  His resurrection on that Sunday, His defeat of death, means we can spend eternity in the presence of the most holy God.

But we must remember what Sunday follows.  Jesus tells us to.  In Luke 22, during His last meal with His disciples, Jesus “took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, ‘This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.’”

Take time to reflect on the emotional last hours of Jesus’ life.  Read the historical accounts in scripture.

Understanding more fully the agonizing obedience Jesus displayed can only lead to greater joy in accepting the undeserved grace of the cross.

Remember what happened on that Friday more than two thousand years ago.  And then – in its proper season – celebrate Easter Sunday.

 If you are in the Cape Girardeau area, we invite you to the Journey to the Cross.  The Journey to the Cross is an interactive, multisensory, meditative experience designed to guide you toward a deeper understanding of the death and resurrection of Christ and the life changing message of the cross.  The eight “Experience Stations” focus on Christ’s love and forgiveness as each station highlights an event or principle surrounding Easter. This free Easter Experience will be set up in The Chapel gym and will be open from 5:00-7:00pm on Good Friday and 30 minutes before and after the 9:00 & 10:30 services on Easter Sunday.

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A Question from Andy

callis, andy

Andy Callis – Student Ministries Pastor

I’m always a fan of bringing in the new year. I really don’t make many resolutions anymore (because they usually don’t last through February), but I naturally think, “Hey, I’ve got a fresh start,” and “What will be the defining theme for me this year?” As I think about these things for myself personally, I certainly am wondering the same things for CBC.

As I reflect back to 2015, our “fresh start” began with a lot of transitions and a lot of questions. That continued to be our defining theme for the year centering on one big question, “Who will be our next pastor?”. God has answered that big question for us and shown us that Eric is our man. We’ll continue to experience transition in 2016 but I believe it will be a year God uses to really clarify our mission at the Chapel.

What do people in our church and in the community think when they hear “Cape Bible Chapel”?

I believe that God will use Eric’s leadership and gifts to help us as a staff and as a church to figure out just what we want that to be. I look forward to seeing God reveal that to us and the excitement it brings to everyone in the congregation as we grow more to “know Him and make Him known”!

-Pastor Andy

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Happy New Year from Jessie Yount

Happy New Year!


Matt, Jessie, Isaac, & Jesse Yount

A very happy new year! We are so excited to begin 2016 with the Coher family. Sunday morning we’ll be commissioning Eric as Lead Pastor at Cape Bible Chapel!

In a way, this is the end of a long, prayer-filled process to identify the right man to fill some big shoes at The Chapel. This church is the direct result of a long line of men gifted by God to lead and teach us. This is a time to celebrate the incredible blessing of seeing God’s hand in shaping The Chapel.

But let this also be a time to celebrate what’s ahead. God has shown His faithfulness in bringing us to this point and we can be confident He will continue because “His faithfulness continues through all generations” (Psalm 100:5). God wants to use His people to grow His kingdom and I am excited to see the doors He will open wide for us at The Chapel.

I hope that you will join us on Sunday as we begin celebrating. And I pray that you will look for the doors God is opening – for you personally as well as for us as a church body- to labor for Him. Because He is so worthy!

Let’s respond to His faithfulness with joy, thanksgiving, and praise. Let’s celebrate!


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Opportunity from Jeremy

kallin, jeremy

Jeremy Kallin – Children’s & Family Pastor

Every once in a while something inconveniently upsets my routine. Whatever the situation, I can be stubborn, I can be passive, or I can be discerning. The thing is, what comes as a bit of a crisis often turns out to be an opportunity to gain focus. In fact, we see many instances in Scripture where God had to upset a routine in order to redirect attention.

It’s safe to say our routine as a Chapel body has been inconveniently upset this year. We have seen change and it hasn’t been easy to trust God’s plan for our faith community. Maybe you’ve been reluctant. Maybe you’re apprehensive. Maybe you’re waiting to see what happens. But if you’re at all like me, you see the tremendous opportunity that God has presented for us to honor Him, and you are eager with anticipation for the coming year.

I am personally looking forward to working with Eric, our new Senior Pastor. I believe he will affirm God’s continued faithfulness and leading in his own life as well as that of The Chapel body. I think he will help us better experience community, and what an exciting time to be engaged in this community! Let’s be present in worship each week. Let’s welcome Eric and his family to The Chapel. I trust that God is going to honor our desire to do His will.

We have had enough waiting around to see what is going to happen. It’s time to get moving. It’s time for us to be a church that focuses on Christ. It’s time for us to continue building up one another. It’s time to meet real needs. It’s time for us to live in anticipation of Christ’s imminent return.

Let’s trust that God has an awesome plan to redirect our attention and do His will through us!

– Pastor Jeremy

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Prayer & Praise from Jeff

Hello Chapel Family,

grindstaff, jeff - compressed

Jeff Grindstaff – Worship Pastor

God has done some amazing things over the past year. What an opportunity and a joy it is to worship together each week and be a part of what He is doing at The Chapel! I have been truly blessed, encouraged, and sharpened by the elders, staff, and all of you during my first year as Worship Pastor. So thank you and God bless you and yours as we enter a new year together.

I am excited and looking forward to this coming Sunday as we celebrate God’s faithfulness and commission our new lead pastor. I pray that all of you will attend and be a part of this new beginning. Let’s join together in worship this Sunday and give God praise for what He’s done, what He is doing, and what He is going to do! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness!

In Him,


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Invitation from Jerry Pollard

pollard compressed and cropped

Jerry & Peg Pollard

For the past eleven months I’ve had the privilege of working in support of The Chapel staff and elders as the “fill in” Chapel Administrator. What a blessing it’s been to work side by side with Andy, Jeremy, Jeff and Jessie and observe their love for the Lord and their dedication to their ministries and to The Chapel body. I’ve been blessed to watch the Lord work through them during this period of transition as they closed ranks and focused on providing The Chapel with a unifying flow of services.

I can attest that your staff is extremely excited to be joined by the man God has prepared to be our new Lead Pastor. Eric Coher will arrive in Cape Girardeau with his family and a truckload of family stuff on Saturday, January 2nd.  It’s important that each of us be here and be a part of the opening of this new chapter.

. . . . . . . . .

Our combined worship service on Sunday, January 3rd is our opportunity to join with and become involved in God’s plan for The Chapel’s future.  I’m asking every member of The Chapel body to commit to attending this service where we’ll celebrate God’s faithfulness and commission Eric as our Lead Pastor.

Let’s fill the worship center and lift our voices!

Let’s join God’s work!

Let’s be united!
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