The Importance of Integrity: Pastor Josh Stephens

Living a life of integrity as a Christian puts on display the inward heart change that has genuinely taken place at conversion. Last Sunday I sought to answer this question, “What made Joshua a good replacement for Moses?” The answer to this question could potentially be summed up in the word “Integrity.” Joshua, the son of Nun was a man filled with genuine faith which overflowed in a life committed to being filled with integrity. Integrity is the result of a committed life to God and is forged in the fires of adversity, suffering, and various challenges. How a Christian responds to these challenges by faith and trusts in the living God will make all the difference when someone evaluates our lives to determine whether we are people filled with integrity.

I was significantly challenged to evaluate my own life and leadership through the course of preparing for yesterdays message. One of the tools that God used to challenge me was the small booklet I mentioned at the end of the service yesterday. The book was entitled, “Leadership: How to Guide Others with Integrity” by Dr. Steve Viars. While the booklet is small, it packed in a number of different important principles on leadership that I found especially helpful. The reflective questions at the end of my sermon came from this small, but powerful booklet. As you consider your own growth in leadership, I pray these reflective questions would help you lead with integrity.

Do you Lead with INTEGRITY?

Do people understand more of God’s mercy because of the way I respond to their mistakes?

Do people understand more of God’s holiness because of my high ethical standards?

Do people understand more of God’s patience because of the time I give them to grow and develop?

Do people understand more of God’s truthfulness because of they way I communicate honestly?

Do people understand more of God’s faithfulness because they see me keep my promises?

Do people understand more of God’s kindness because of the tone of my voice?

Do people understand more of God’s love because I go out of my way to help and serve them as I lead?

Do people understand more of God’s grace because I avoid being harsh and unreasonably demanding?

If you are interested in purchasing the booklet I mentioned yesterday you can find it by clicking the link below.

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