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They’re baaaccckkkkk….

It had whiskers and a twitching tail and was looking in our window much like the humans who stare at captive zoo animals.  Black cat, who usually runs as soon as we open the back door, sat calmly as if … Continue reading

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Greedy Birds and Flying Humans

 by: Judith Hargett How big can a hummingbird’s brain be?  Well, needless to say… and like most people who use that phrase I’m going to go ahead and say…though it’s needless.  A hummingbird brain can’t be very big based on … Continue reading

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Living as an exile; rejecting, receiving or redeeming

by: James Green Last weekend, Matt spoke about living as an exile, outlining some “do’s” and “don’ts” in unpacking a great passage from Jeremiah.  One of the illustrations he referenced (when he was discussing how the Babylonian’s would take over … Continue reading

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