Resolving Conflict Biblically

By Andy Callis

COVID-19 has certainly caused an increase in stress for families. Many things have changed all at once: school schedules, work schedules, more time at home, less to do, more time with family, less time with friends, etc. It’s all a recipe for some challenging times!


With the increased time at home and all the previously mentioned factors, conflict is bound to happen at home. How will you and your family handle it? My hope is that you’ll handle it biblically and with much grace.


If you’re not sure how to handle conflict biblically or just a great refresher, I highly recommend the book The Peacemaker by Ken Sande. Sande shows how the heart of God resonates towards making peace. He begins his case by showing from Scripture just how much God has done to make peace with us through the blood of the cross (Rom. 5:1). He continues to challenge us to be just like Him in our relationships with one another. He provides a lot of practical, biblical advice on resolving conflict depending on where you are at with your opponent on what he calls “The Slippery Slope” of conflict.


Don’t be a peace-breaker (too aggressive) or a peace-faker (too passive). Be a peacemaker in your home during this time!



If you’d prefer the cliffnotes on this book, see the The Peacemaker Book Analysis – an overview of its key points. God bless!
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