A Question from Andy

callis, andy

Andy Callis – Student Ministries Pastor

I’m always a fan of bringing in the new year. I really don’t make many resolutions anymore (because they usually don’t last through February), but I naturally think, “Hey, I’ve got a fresh start,” and “What will be the defining theme for me this year?” As I think about these things for myself personally, I certainly am wondering the same things for CBC.

As I reflect back to 2015, our “fresh start” began with a lot of transitions and a lot of questions. That continued to be our defining theme for the year centering on one big question, “Who will be our next pastor?”. God has answered that big question for us and shown us that Eric is our man. We’ll continue to experience transition in 2016 but I believe it will be a year God uses to really clarify our mission at the Chapel.

What do people in our church and in the community think when they hear “Cape Bible Chapel”?

I believe that God will use Eric’s leadership and gifts to help us as a staff and as a church to figure out just what we want that to be. I look forward to seeing God reveal that to us and the excitement it brings to everyone in the congregation as we grow more to “know Him and make Him known”!

-Pastor Andy

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