Praying the promises of God

Pastor Eric’s message this past Sunday spoke to our fears and our anxiety.  You can watch or listen to the full message at

Here, we’d like to highlight his counsel to pray the promises of God


I love the words of the psalmist in Psalm chapter 73 verse 28: He says,

But as for me, the nearness of God is my good, I have made the Lord God my refuge

Let me bring a question to bear out of that…


Where is your refuge from worry, fear, and anxiety?

Where do you run?

Where do you go?

Where do you hide?


Where is your refuge?

Where do you fears and your anxiety drive you?

Do they drive you to deeper wells of worry, or do they drive you to the promises of God?

I want to encourage you to pray the promises of God. Not just in the middle of life’s difficult circumstances, not just in the middle of trials and God’s dark providence, but get in the habit of day-in and day-out praying the promises of God, praying the Word of God helps to saturate our hearts and our minds in the truth of God.

Oh how we need that.


JD Greear offers some practical examples in his article “Pray God’s Words Back to Him: Claiming the Promises of God“.

We encourage you to read God’s Word.  Look for His promises.  Make these promises your prayers.

Get in the habit, the practice of talking to God about your fears in light of His character.  Frame your prayers in light of Who it is that you are talking to.


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