Opportunity from Jeremy

kallin, jeremy

Jeremy Kallin – Children’s & Family Pastor

Every once in a while something inconveniently upsets my routine. Whatever the situation, I can be stubborn, I can be passive, or I can be discerning. The thing is, what comes as a bit of a crisis often turns out to be an opportunity to gain focus. In fact, we see many instances in Scripture where God had to upset a routine in order to redirect attention.

It’s safe to say our routine as a Chapel body has been inconveniently upset this year. We have seen change and it hasn’t been easy to trust God’s plan for our faith community. Maybe you’ve been reluctant. Maybe you’re apprehensive. Maybe you’re waiting to see what happens. But if you’re at all like me, you see the tremendous opportunity that God has presented for us to honor Him, and you are eager with anticipation for the coming year.

I am personally looking forward to working with Eric, our new Senior Pastor. I believe he will affirm God’s continued faithfulness and leading in his own life as well as that of The Chapel body. I think he will help us better experience community, and what an exciting time to be engaged in this community! Let’s be present in worship each week. Let’s welcome Eric and his family to The Chapel. I trust that God is going to honor our desire to do His will.

We have had enough waiting around to see what is going to happen. It’s time to get moving. It’s time for us to be a church that focuses on Christ. It’s time for us to continue building up one another. It’s time to meet real needs. It’s time for us to live in anticipation of Christ’s imminent return.

Let’s trust that God has an awesome plan to redirect our attention and do His will through us!

– Pastor Jeremy

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