Invitation from Jerry Pollard

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Jerry & Peg Pollard

For the past eleven months I’ve had the privilege of working in support of The Chapel staff and elders as the “fill in” Chapel Administrator. What a blessing it’s been to work side by side with Andy, Jeremy, Jeff and Jessie and observe their love for the Lord and their dedication to their ministries and to The Chapel body. I’ve been blessed to watch the Lord work through them during this period of transition as they closed ranks and focused on providing The Chapel with a unifying flow of services.

I can attest that your staff is extremely excited to be joined by the man God has prepared to be our new Lead Pastor. Eric Coher will arrive in Cape Girardeau with his family and a truckload of family stuff on Saturday, January 2nd.  It’s important that each of us be here and be a part of the opening of this new chapter.

. . . . . . . . .

Our combined worship service on Sunday, January 3rd is our opportunity to join with and become involved in God’s plan for The Chapel’s future.  I’m asking every member of The Chapel body to commit to attending this service where we’ll celebrate God’s faithfulness and commission Eric as our Lead Pastor.

Let’s fill the worship center and lift our voices!

Let’s join God’s work!

Let’s be united!
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1 Response to Invitation from Jerry Pollard

  1. Robyn Martin says:

    I love you Pap, you’re awesome. I’ll be there :)

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