The G5 Event

From the Nehemiah Project

For those of you who do not know, on November 2nd, the Nehemiah guys and Cape Bible Chapel teamed up with the Salvation Army to throw the G5 Event!  The G5 Event was birthed out of anguish for the great needs of the South Cape community.  As a church we wanted to contribute to helping fulfill those needs and begin to build a greater relationship with the people that live there.  Through this event, we were able to serve a big Dexter BBQ lunch, have games and inflatables for kids, and live music performances for the community to listen to.  The event could not have gone better!  There were somewhere between 300-400 people that attended that day, which we believe is a huge win.  The community had fun, felt loved, and even got to hear the Gospel.  Our church body got to have a lot of intentional talks with folks and was able to start building good relationships with the community.  There were many people from South Cape that were very appreciative for the event and said that they felt loved by our service.  The Nehemiah guys would like to just give a huge thanks to all that helped out at the G5 Event.  Whether you donated your money, time, or prayers, we would like to say that we are very appreciative!  It was encouraging to see our church body gather and serve God’s children together.  The G5 Event was only the beginning of the impact our church wants to make on the Cape Girardeau community.  Thank you church for all of your support.  We are definitely planning on doing the G5 Event again in the future and would love for you to be a part of that as well. 

As a church we have to remember that this is just one event.  There were so many great things that God did at the G5 Event, but we believe He is calling us to do so much more.  We want to challenge us as a church to not forget about the South Cape community.  We must continue to pray, to love, and serve our city.  Why?  Because God loves them more than we good ever fathom.  God loves South Cape and wants His bride, the church, to help demonstrate His perfect love to them.  Cape Bible Chapel, let us be a church that stands up for the broken and the poor.  Let us not be a church that just throws an occasional event, but one that has giant heart for the community and loves them like Christ does. 

Thanks and much love,

The Nehemiah Guys (Joey, Jimmie, Pete, Austin, Brandon, and Corey)

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