A Look at Murder

It isn’t that often that one shows up to church and hears a message entirely devoted to murder. I mean, shouldn’t we just leave those messages to the, you know, murderers? Save it for the prison ministry or something; I don’t need it.

But it is an important topic, and, once really looked into, it becomes apparent that we lack understanding in this area.

We began our time together inspecting what “Thou shall not murder” does not mean. Here are those considerations:

-Killing animals

-Capital punishment

-Going to war


-Accidental killing

There are provisions made in the bible for each of these scenarios.

So what that leaves us with are the sinful acts of murder exhibited in the following:






This is an interesting, seldom-preached topic, and we hope you will listen to the message and reflect on all that God is commanding when He says, “Thou shall not commit murder.”

You can access the message here: http://www.capebiblechapel.org/media.php?pageID=5

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