Get Your “Honor On”

Many schools let the kids out for the summer. Youngsters will use their “freedoms” differently. Some will play video games. Some will party. Some will just, “you know, hang out.” Excitedly,  the students leave school, making plans with their friends and chatting up all they plan to do.

“Man, I just can’t wait to get my ‘honor on’ at home, you know? Really just respect my folks!” said no teen anywhere.

Honoring one’s parents, come on, who does that? But once again, leave it to God to go off and ask us to do something hard.

How we honor our parents says a lot about us, though. I remember my sisters being told about potential suitors, “Mind how he treats his mom, okay? That will tell you all you need to know.”

This weekend we’ll talk about how to honor our parents–or, if you are a parent, how to be a more honorable one.  When the world looks at how we treat our mothers, what do they see?

But even more than just honoring our parents is the root issue of obedience and all that is tied up in that: Respect. Submission. Humility.  We might be in for a tough message . . .

We hope you will join us this weekend as we unpack what the Bible teaches on the Fifth Commandment in hopes that what God says will be written on our hearts.


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