Rest Assured

The pitter-patter of rain is singing me to sleep.  I’m here in my office, writing a blog post that was supposed to be finished by 10 am.  The day has been part hustle, part bustle, and weary-making task after task in between.

And in all the to-do, I’ve come to realized this: I need a nap.

Truly, is there anything quite like rest?  The weekend is nigh and for some of us that will mean a bit of much-needed rest.  And that is the thing of it: we need rest.  It is a gift and a necessity all in one.

This weekend we will focus on the Fourth Commandment in our ongoing “Write It on Your Heart” sermon series.  But what does the Sabbath have to do with us nowadays?  Is this a throwaway commandment that has no place post New Testament?

We’ll look into that notion and the meaning and purpose of rest.  I hope you find a quiet moment this weekend.  I hope you join us for one of our services.  And, most importantly, I hope you rest in the Lord and glorify Him even in your sleep.

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