Men’s Weekend

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time for our annual men’s weekend. What this means is that all three services will be unique and we invite you to attend all three services!  Ladies, even though we so rudely crossed you out to open this post, you are a big part of this!  We would like you to attend the services as well so that you can help hold the men in your life accountable.

After the Saturday Evening service, all men are welcome to stick around for a time of recreation and some delicious, free barbecue (it is always tastier when it is free, right?).  We’ll have ping pong, octaball, 9-Square in the Air, basketball and more, so whether you are an athlete supreme or you just want to see a good show, stick around for some fun and manly relationship-building.

We hope to see a full building all weekend, but even more so we hope to see families fully living the abundant life of the Gospel.  Come be filled this weekend and go and live filled in Jesus Christ.

Services are Saturday @ 5 pm, Sunday @ 9 am, and Sunday @ 10:30 am.  Recreation and meal time will be @ 6:30 pm and you can stay for as long or as short as you’d like.


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