Easter and Church

The Christian faith was founded on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  And sure we could add all sorts of details and other considerations, and yes our knowledge surrounding that statement is always growing and deepening.

But at the heart of it all the message is simple: “He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him” (2 Cor 5:21). God sent Jesus into the world to fulfill the Law, pay the penalty for our sins, and rise from the grave to conquer death and validate our hope and faith in His reconciling plan for us.

We know this.

We’ll come together this weekend and sing about it.  We’ll have egg hunts and have a big lunch and hang with family, but always we will be careful to keep Christ at the forefront of it all because of the atoning sacrifice He made for us.

We know this.

But here is something else we know, but sometimes choose to neglect on Easter: just because we know the Gospel, doesn’t mean everyone does.

And that is another reason why Easter is so exciting.  For whatever reason on Easter, a bunch of people who don’t know about what Jesus did for them will mosey into churches.  They’ll sidle in donning Sunday best and sit uncomfortably at the back of the room.  But they will be there!  In the room!

Don’t believe me?  Look here: http://goo.gl/DkxXv 

Now this article says some things that likely aren’t true (like that 75% of Americans are Christians), but it does have one undeniable truth contained: More people come to church on Easter in America; they just do.

And who knows the spiritual condition of these people on this blessed Sunday.  But the fact remains, people are more willing to come to church on Easter Sunday.

So it makes sense to ask, who are you inviting?  Who are you making an entry for, not just to church–because really that isn’t the exciting part–but to the Gospel message?

Are you ready to invite and love and welcome others to the Gospel this Sunday?  Are you praying that what God has allowed you to know about Him and the precious gift of His Son might be made known to others even this weekend?

I hope you are and that this weekend we might rejoice in our births into the Kingdom of God, and that we might celebrate the new births of others into this Kingdom as well.

Happy Easter and we hope to see you Sunday at 9 AM or 10:30 AM.

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