New Series!

We’re doing it!

That’s right!  We finished with the book of James last week, and without further fanfare, we are jumping right in with a new series from God’s Word.

Rather than working through another book just yet, we’ll be taking a few month journey called: “Write It On Your Heart.”  The series will focus on the oft alluded to but seldom explained Ten Commandments.  What are they for?  What is their relevance?  How are we to view them?

It should be an exciting study with much application, and hopefully the Spirit uses it to change us and conform us more to the image of Christ.

This week we’ll introduce the series by considering what the Law does and what the Law doesn’t do, with Jeremiah 31:33 as our jumping off point.

Come ready to learn, apply, and, ultimately, to be changed and then take part in changing the world around you for Jesus.


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