The Faith with Feet Finale

This week we will close the book on James (at least for our weekend study purposes!).  And while our time in the “Faith with Feet” series may end, hopefully the ways the Spirit has convicted us to live out our faith will only remain and grow stronger.

This week, though, we’ll finish strong with James 5:19-20.  These are short, direct verses but, like Scripture is, they are weighty indeed.

The passage conjures up for me the thought of life-guarding.  I do not life-guard.  If there were life-guards that operated on a land only basis, like mall life-guards, then perhaps I could get into it.  But standard, poolside life-guarding is not for me because I am very much not for the water.  I swim like a burlap sack, so hence, I would be little use to the flailing, drowning person in the depths.

But what about life-guarding in terms of spirituality?  Do I swim into those waters?  Do I even eye them for my brothers and sisters in Christ to see who may need to be retrieved or resuscitated? What, if any,  is my role in all this?

That perhaps is worthy of dwelling on as we dig into James 5:19-20.  We hope you will join us this weekend as we unify, celebrate, and learn more about this great God whom we are privileged to serve.

Service times are as follows: Saturday, 5 pm; Sunday, 9 am; Sunday, 10:30 am.

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