DNOW Weekend

By: Andy Callis (CBC Student Ministries Pastor)

This week is a big week for Reverb Student Ministries. It’s Disciple Now week! DNow is our annual local retreat that we do with several other churches in the Cape/Jackson area. Students have the opportunity to hang out with their friends in a host home with some young adult leaders for an entire weekend as well as see students from all over the area in large group worship venues.

This year, our theme is Reckless Abandon based on a video series by JD Greear. Students will wrestle with whether or not they see Christianity as a bunch of rules that bind them up or if they see the Gospel as the truth that brings freedom and excitement to life! They study this in 4 sessions at their homes and hear from speaker Adam Donyes, a director at Kanakuk Camps in Branson, about the subject as well throughout the weekend.

Of course, much of the discipling comes from the “life on life” time that is experienced by students during the weekend. Whether it’s hanging out during free time or driving to the next event or after a moving talk, leaders have a lot of time with the students and therefore a lot of opportunities to speak truth into their lives and listen to their hearts. Host families have great opportunities to do the same over the course of the weekend.

Many students point back to DNow as the time they committed to Christ for the 1st time or the time they really drove a stake in the ground for Jesus and to live for Him. Be praying that God does even more this year of what He’s done in the past. Pray for changed lives of unbelieving friends coming to DNow and for believing students to be propelled forward in their faith. Pray for leaders to be equipped, energetic, and understanding. Pray for host homes to be hospitable and loving to their guests. May God get the glory for the great things that happen this weekend!

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