Fascinating Marriage

By: Jeremy Kallin

Have you ever watched a work of art take shape?  If you are patient, it can be fascinating, even delightful, to observe as an undefined form surprises you with recognition.  Unfortunately, we are not all that patient.  You see, a work of art requires preparation and constant perfecting until it is complete.  The artist will sketch, wash, detail, and correct until the work is presented as complete.  We are eager for that finished work, as we should be.  Yet, it is the process of the work that truly gives us an appreciation for the skill and care of the artist.

The Bible teaches us that God is the Artist who is skillfully perfecting us.  He wants us to be delightfully surprised as His will is revealed and recognized in our relationships, especially within our marriages.  Unfortunately, we are not all that patient when it comes to marriage.  Why is it that all over the world, people are just trying to make marriage “work,” when, in fact, God has designed marriage as a gift for us to enjoy!?

This February we are going to take a close look at God’s design for marriage as presented by Family Life’s video event The Art of Marriage.  This event weaves together “expert teaching, engaging stories, man-on-the-street interviews, humorous vignettes, and much more to portray both the challenges and the beauty of God’s design” for marriage.   Participants each receive a workbook and have intentional time with their spouse to evaluate their marriage and complete life-changing projects.  One of the favorite projects for both men and women is the opportunity to write a love letter to their spouse, reminding them why they chose their spouse and why they are committed to them.  Others have said some of the most important things they learned from the event were: “to love my wife unconditionally, faithfully, intentionally, based on the covenant that we’ve entered,” “I learned more about God’s plan for marriage, which is something we had never heard before,” “to take more time to listen to my wife,” and “how to deal with conflict and how important respect is for my husband.”

If you are ready to get past making your marriage “work” and want to understand God’s design for your marriage, come to The Art of Marriage video event at Cape Bible Chapel on February 8-9.  Sessions begin Friday evening at 7:00 PM.  You can register online at capebiblechapel.org, or simply contact Jeremy Kallin at Jeremy@capebiblechapel.org.

Keep in mind, it is the process of the work that truly gives us an appreciation for God’s skill and care in our marriage.  It can be fascinating to watch, and The Art of Marriage is a great place to start.

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