We’ve got a blog!

You think you are the only one with resolutions for 2013?  Think again.

The Chapel had a resolution to have a blog, and well, here we are!

So for the rest of this year (Lord willing), you can expect a Tuesday post (“The After Word”), a Friday post (“The Weekend Word”), and any number of posts and updates in-between (“In Other Words”).

The After Word will feature a re-cap of the weekend’s sermon.  This may be a key point, an illustration, or an application step.  We hope this will keep our day-to-day lifestyle in step with our corporate study of Scripture.

The Weekend Word will be a small gust of wind in your sails, pushing you toward the finish line of another week and encouraging your weekend pursuits.

And the rest, like this, will land in “In Other Words.”

We hope you will like the site and that it will be just another tool in our pursuit at “Knowing Him and Making Him Known.”

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