Go West, Young Man!

In just a matter of hours, several Chapel staff members will attend their annual conference together.  This year, Catalyst Dallas is the conference of choice, and we are excited to strike out west and return refreshed, energized, and toting a horde of ideas to enhance life, love, and worship here at the Chapel.

We look forward to learning much this week.  But even more, we look forward to becoming better, more innovative, loving leaders upon our return.

Please pray for us as we go as we pray for all of you.  We are one body, and that thought alone blesses us tremendously and spurs us on to love and good deeds.

If Wi-Fi permits, we’ll update you periodically on how the week is going, what we are learning, and maybe even provide you with some of the top quotes from staff members along the way–there is nothing like the fodder that comes from a nine-hour van ride!

Check back for updates and have a blessed week of blessing others!

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